Mr Fibby – Boris Johnson Mr Men Book

Mr Fibby, The Prime Minister Who Couldn’t Stop Lying‘, is a self-published British satirical political zine by Your Dad’s A Tory (me).

Picture of 4 copies of British political zine, Mr Fibby, two showing the front cover, the other two showing the back cover

Conceived as a parody Mr Men & Little Miss book, it covers the rise and fall of the biggest liar in UK politics, Boris Johnson. This 48-page zine features full colour, digital illustrations, unique parody Mr Men & Little Miss caricatures for over 40 Conservative politicians and a ridiculous narrative that relives all of Boris Johnson’s major scandals.

Zine Overview

Mr Fibby, the Boris Johnson Mr Men Book, was independently written and illustrated in July 2022 and published on 31 July 2022.

It tells the story of Mr Fibby and his friends. Recounting how together, they tricked the people of Gullibleland (the UK) into making Mr Fibby the Prime Minister. It then goes over all of ludicrous lies and scandals that followed.

Zine Features

  • 148x148mm staple-bound political zine
  • 48-pages (including cover) of humorous, satirical nonsense
  • Fully illustrated with bright, digital illustrations inspired by Roger Hargreaves’ classic Mr Men & Little Miss books
  • Professionally printed with 150GSM silk inner pages & a 300GSM gloss laminated cover
  • Available in print for £5.99

Zine Background

Mr Fibby was conceived and developed during the July 2022 Boris Johnson & Chris Pincher political scandal.

This was one of many scandals that have defined Boris Johnson’s tenure as UK Prime Minister. Ultimately, it proved to be the last, leading to his resignation in July 2022 and the overriding consensus that Boris Johnson is a big fat liar.

For those unfamiliar with the event, the Johnson / Pincher scandal involved Minister, Chris Pincher, at the time Government Deputy Chief Whip, being accused of sexual harassment. Although Boris Johnson knew about historic accusations that Chris Pincher harassed Government officials in previous posts, when questioned, he denied knowledge of past transgressions.

Eventually, Simon McDonald, a Member of the House of Lords, published an open letter confirming that Boris Johnson was lying. A heap of Cabinet resignations followed, finally leading Boris Johnson to resign as UK Prime Minister.

The Chris Pincher incident was the last of many scandals Boris Johnson was personally involved in during his tenure as UK Prime Minister. Even worse, these scandals preceded by glut of other scandals, perpetrated by Johnson while he was journalist, an opposition MP and the Foreign Secretary. Unfortunately, there were just too many to cover in Mr Fibby’s already weighty 48-pages.

The Scandals Covered

Mr Fibby is crammed with scandals. I’ve also employed a bit of artistic licence with the chronology of events, omitting Johnson’s time as Foreign Secretary and most of the stuff Theresa May did. I hope no one really remembers that anyway.

Hopefully most of the references to Boris Johnson’s scandals are obvious. However, I’ve put together a quick list of those referenced in the zine below:

  1. Foreigners cost the NHS £350 million a second. Throughout the Brexit Referendum, the pro-Brexit Vote Leave campaign claimed that withdrawal from the EU would save the UK £350 million a week. It came to light that this was a massive lie after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.
  2. Mr Corrupt. Matthew Elliott, aka, Mr Corrupt, was the CEO of Vote Leave, the pro-Brexit campaign group. Vote Leave were found to have accepted and misused illegal donations. This is the campaign that paid for Boris Johnson’s Brexit Bus.
  3. Mr Fibby lies about being a trapeze artist. On the first day of the 2012 London Olympics, Boris Johnson famously got stuck on a zip line. Why was the Mayor of London on a zip line during the Olympics Opening ceremony? Why not ask Mr Fibby.
  4. 77 million turkeys. While campaigning for Brexit, Boris Johnson claimed that if the UK did not leave the European Union, EU immigration policies would result in 77 million people from turkey entering the UK. He later denied that he’d done so.
  5. Lying to the Iranian Ambassador. As Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson’s disastrous handling of a meeting with the Iranian Ambassador directly contributed to the extension of the sentence of the falsely imprisoned, British national Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.
  6. A Really Big Boat. In true Benjamin Disraeli style, Boris Johnson deigned to sink £200 million from the post-Brexit ‘savings’ into a jingoistic vanity project – the new Yacht Britannia. Because Britain really needs a big boat.
  7. Proroguing Parliament. At the height of the EU Exit Crisis in 2019, Boris Johnson lied to the Queen in an attempt to prorogue Parliament for five weeks (initiate recess and stop business), to stop business.
  8. The Wallpaper Scandal. After assuming residency in No11 Downing Street, Boris Johnson misappropriated political donations to redecorate the flat to wife’s ludicrous wallpaper specifications – costing £200,000. This was later found to be against the rules.
  9. Mr Fibby Bike. As Mayor of London, Boris Johnson was associated with the introduction of the ‘Boris Bike’. He also gave his ex-wife a backie on his bike in 2015, despite it being illegal (albeit, probably not that dangerous).
  10. Shaking hands in the hospital. During the initial outbreak of COVID, despite having been briefed on the risks, Boris Johnson visited a hospital, shook people’s hands, failed to wear a mask and ended up catching COVID.
  11. Free sandwiches. As Chancellor, Mr Rich, aka Rishi Sunak, launched a policy during COVID called ‘Eat Out To Help Out’, making the taxpayer fund half-price meals at restaurants during the COVID outbreak. Unsurprisingly, this led to a lot of people catching COVID and was a really stupid economic policy.
  12. Defective Face Masks. The UK Government ordered 50 million unusable, defective face masks for frontline NHS workers during the COVID Pandemic.
  13. Lockdown Parties. During a period of National Lockdown, UK officials and Ministers were found to have held at least 12 parties in Government buildings. This led to a farcical report, which I’ve satirised in Sue Gray’s Official Unofficial Partygate Report. Mr Snorty, aka Michael Gove, is doing coke because he admitted to doing it (not at the party).
  14. Castle Visits. Mr Nasty, aka Dominic Cummings, drove his wife and child hundreds of miles from London to Barnard Castle while he had COVID. This was banned at the time. He then claimed in a televised interview that he’d gone there to test his eyesight.
  15. Worms kissing women. CCTV recordings leaked from Government exposing Mr Cheaty, aka Matt Hancock, and Little Miss Liaison, aka Gina Coladangelo’s affair. Although everyone’s entitled to a personal life, these were recorded during national lockdowns, when strict policies were in force. (the real photo’s background looks a lot like the MP offices in Portcullis House)
  16. Calling a reporter a letterbox. Boris Johnson referred to women wearing burkas as ‘letterboxes’. As usual, to the country’s apparently limitless disbelief.
  17. Mr Sex Pest. Boris Johnson was briefed that there were claims that his Government’s Minister, Chris Pincher, had harassed Government officials at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. In July 2022, Chris Pincher resigned with an open letter ahead of the release of stories that he’d made unwanted sexual advances towards a number of people the previous evening. Pincher claimed he’d drunk too much, Boris Johnson claimed he didn’t know anything about it.
  18. If anyone should be stepping back, it is you. Mr Snorty, Michael Gove, claims to have said this to Boris Johnson after he was sacked from Government.

How many scandals is that? And that’s not even all of them.

Want To Know More?

I can’t think of anything else anyone would like to know about this zine, but if you have any questions, drop me an email.

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