In addition to writing bunk online, I also experiment with literary formats, including zines, animation and live action drama. While none of these projects have any commercial value, I want to feel accomplished, so I post them here for free.

Peruse, download and burn them to your heart’s content.


What’s a zine? Anything you want it to be. I consider zines halfway between comic books and short stories; way easier than a comic, significantly harder than writing a short story. The format’s great for political satire (as I’m sure abbé Sieyès would attest if he wasn’t dead). I also think that various popular forms of British political satire (Spitting Image) are shit.

Here are my attempts at doing it better:

Investigation Into Alleged Gatherings On Government Premises During COVID Restrictions, February 2022

Alternatively titled, the ‘Case of the Forbidden Jamborees’, this fully illustrated, 44-page piece of British political satire takes an alternative approach to the traditional political parody report, to expose the British Government and their partying preferences. This is the official, unofficial Partygate Report.

The cover of the partygate parody zine, Investigation Into Alleged Gatherings on Government Premises During COVID Restrictions, featuring a black forest gateau

This zine recounts Sue Gray’s Report as a Murder Mystery Dinner Party, hosted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It explores the most significant scandals of 2020 & 2021’s Partygate fiasco under the guise of a party at No10 Downing Street. Prefaced with faux psychological reports, inspired by JG Ballard’s landmark 1968 satirical phamphlet, ‘Why I Want To Fuck Ronald Reagan‘.

Find out more about ‘The Case of the Forbidden Jamborees’ here.

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Watch Out! Your Dad’s A Tory, December 2019

Monsters don’t live under beds, they vote Conservative. Discover if your father’s a Tory now.

The cover of the British satirical political zine, Watch Out! Your Dad's A Tory, featuring a young boy, Harry, holding his father, a Tory's hand

This 44-page, part-illustrated, part-collaged political zine was published in late 2019 in response to the UK Government’s 2019 snap General Election. The booklet recounts the failures and controversies of the UK Conservative Government’s from 2010 to 2019, focussing on the failures of the David Cameron & Theresa May administrations.

Inspired by Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups, the story provides a criticism of Tory behaviours and actions through the eyes of a child whose father is a Tory candidate. Featuring frozen benefits, prolific power stances and a new take on the pocket money cap, it’s a lighthearted look at a lot of gutless decisions.

Find out more about ‘Watch Out! Your Dad’s A Tory’ here.

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